As you know, the authorities including Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the investment of the promotion of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), which was developed by SEI founded by the US Department of Defense and Carnegie Mellon University for domains including application software engineering, system engineering, integration development of products and procurement. With strategic measures for CMMI promotion from the government, more and more certificates of level 2 and level 3 have been issued in IT industry, nevertheless, only when CMMI model are adopted by both sides of supply and demand instead of single contribution from software vendors for IT off-shore outsourcing will the satisfying results of projects be achieved. In other words, efficient communication happens when both speak the same language.

As a result, carrying tremendous experiences of cooperation with major software companies with certificate of CMMI level 5 for several years, iCo has developed a set of so called ¡¥CMMI Based Project Management Tool Kit' for companies that are interested in outsourcing or internal project management, in order to assist companies that are willing to adopt CMMI model seeking for more new enhancement of process in no time, not to mention the emerging trend that manufacturing companies are rushing to set up their R&D centers in Taiwan, all of which are eager to improve their communication and operational process among staff, to strengthen the process maturity, as well as prosperous working environment and corporate productivity for most convincing commitment of deliverables.    




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