According to the survey result by the World bank, the overall export index of India software concerning scale, quality and cost ranks first on this planet. India has achieved 18.5% of market share in the software development market which has to follow customized requirements worldwide, when there are over 260 companies out of the biggest 500 corporations listed in magazine Fortune have adopted applications developed by Indian software companies, for which have been equipped with standard skills of software development and management to commit themselves the quality of deliverables, including ISO9001 and CMMI, with terrific efficiency.       

While corporations on this island have attempted the positions of world-class enterprises, with accompanying recognition of the CMMI levels from organizations in the States provided by IT industry in India, iCo has drawn a big picture in which a standard of process that meets global requirements is available in the IT departments of companies in Taiwan, using resources from India. In pursue of becoming a satisfying provider for outsourcing with high quality, iCo would offer any assistance on speeding up standardization and globalization of information system in high tech industries in Taiwan which, in turn, enhances their capabilities and competitiveness.

  • iCo strives to offer services on Project Development of off-shore outsourcing, embedded system development outsourcingĦBsilicon design services outsourcing
  • iCo helps organizations develop a standardized structure of process for outsourcing and projects.
  • iCo bridges IT departments of corporations and off-shore outsourcing vendors and develops a successful working model among them.




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